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Video Case Study: Agrati Group

Agrati Group is the wold’s leading supplier of innovative fastening solutions within the automotive industries. Their success has been built on the creation of strong and co-operative customer relationship and as their customers have faced increasing market evolution and globalisation, Agrati has moved quickly to implement a flexible production capacity coupled with effective supply chain distribution models. View »


Autoliv, a worldwide leader in automotive safety, wanted to consolidate various internal systems following a period of rapid expansion to ensure it could effectively manage its growing business. Autoliv chose OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service (TGMS) to share electronic documents with customers and suppliers. TGMS provides the flexibility and scalability for Autoliv to support complex JIT manufacturing processes with customers anywhere in the world. Read »


Working with OpenText GXS, Chrysler Group, LLC implemented an electronic data interchange (EDI) system to replace the paper-based communications once used to communicate with their smaller suppliers. Chrysler is now saving millions of pounds each year by streamlining their processes through OpenText GXS solutions. Read »

Video Case Study: FACIL

FACIL is the world’s most innovative and best performing full service provider of fastening solutions for the global automotive car and truck industry. OpenText GXS provides the B2B integration capability to support FACIL’s worldwide business expansion, enabling the company to participate in today’s highly competitive automotive marketplace. View »


Hella, a leading global automotive parts supplier, wanted to reduce the complexity of its business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce infrastructure and centralise all B2B operations to the company’s headquarters in Germany. With OpenText Trading Grid®, Hella’s business partners can be B2B e-commerce enabled and Hella has successfully consolidated all of their EDI transactions onto one global B2B e-commerce network. Read »


Honda Foundry, a division of Honda and a leader in the Japanese auto parts sector, wanted to enhance the efficiency of their business transactions. With OpenText Application Integrator™, Honda can transfer business documents electronically between back-office systems, around the company and with customers. Read »


Hutchinson, a global tier one automotive and aeronautics supplier, wanted to align its systems with the business needs of their global customers and keep up with changing business models. OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service (TGMS) provides Hutchinson with near real-time data exchange of business documents, using any chosen EDI or XML document format, with customers around the world. Read »

Video Case Study: Michelin

MichelinMichelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. The dynamic nature of the automotive industry and the significant growth opportunities in emerging markets present significant challenges. To minimise supply chain risk when moving production capacity in order to work more closely with customers in emerging markets requires a flexible B2B infrastructure. Learn how the OpenText™ Trading Grid™ supports Michelin’s international operations, and how they have achieved flexibility and scalability with OpenText™ Managed Services and OpenText™ Active Invoices. View »


Mitsubishi Motors, a leading automotive company, looked to OpenText GXS to improve the efficiency of the company’s global B2B e-commerce operations. OpenText Managed Services helps Mitsubishi and their global trading partners to share information seamlessly. Read »

Consumer Products

British Gas

British Gas is the leading energy supplier in the United Kingdom, serving around 11 million homes, as well as providing energy to nearly one million UK business premises. British Gas had long been using EDI to place orders electronically with suppliers, but their system was aging and at risk of suffering outages. Their existing in-house system was expensive to maintain, and adding new trading partners and the necessary data mappings was slow and costly. Find out how British Gas addressed these challenges with the help of OpenText B2B Managed Services. Read »

Church & Dwight

Church & Dwight is one of the fastest growing consumer packaged goods companies in the world. The company wanted to integrate EDI with the SAP ERP system it uses for business administration and accounting. Church & Dwight selected OpenText Freeway Professional for its in-tegration with SAP and the increased reliability and automation with tighter integration to its ERP. Read »

Coca-Cola Amatil

Producing over 1,450 million litres of beverage products a year, Coca-Cola Amatil supplies around 114,000 customers from large supermarket chains to small corner stores. In order to provide better service, Coca-Cola Amatil turned to OpenText GXS for a fully outsourced e-commerce solution. Read »


As the world’s largest producer and marketer of high quality fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh-cut flowers, Dole needed a system that would connect global operations as well as support internal systems. Dole turned to OpenText GXS, to handle its connectivity needs, improve warehouse efficiency and send automatic alerts through the robust data exchange solution BizManager™ BizLink™. Read »

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is the leading brand of adhesives and tapes in the US, and ranked within the 50 Top Sellers on Amazon. Expanding to Europe, Gorilla Glue needed an EDI solution to trade with Tesco but also wanted the ability to add new customers in the future, regardless of their specific system requirements. Gorilla Glue chose OpenText Freeway Entry. Read »

Herman Kay

Herman Kay Company Inc., a supplier of men’s and women’s outerwear, wanted to enhance their electronic communications, streamline operations and improve the exchange of product information. With OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service and OpenText Active Catalogue, Herman Kay was able to lower transaction costs, speed up communications and increase the number of trading partners with access to their style information. Read »


Eastman Kodak Company, a global leader in imaging technology, wanted to streamline and connect a variety of business functions, including accounting, production, plant maintenance, sales and distribution, in addition to integrating their e-business systems with SAP. OpenText Enterprise Gateway provides Kodak with a single system for transactions and business processes. Read »

Liz Claiborne

Liz Claiborne Inc. a designer and retailer of fashion apparel and accessories, has implemented a number of OpenText GXS solutions to enhance operations and streamline their supply chain. Liz Claiborne has developed their e-business infrastructure from basic supplier transactions to one of the most extensive applications of B2B integration and EDI in the apparel industry. Read »

Original Additions

Original Additions is a leading supplier of beauty products and one of the world’s largest suppliers of false eyelashes and nails. Original Additions selected OpenText Freeway Professional for their European B2B e-commerce requirements and subsequent international expansion into North America. OpenText GXS has provided a cost effective solution that grows with the company to support its requirements. Read »

PHOENIX—The German Pharmaceutical Industry

The German pharmaceutical industry selected OpenText Trading Grid® to provide the PHOENIX Clearing Service with EDI and B2B e-commerce capabilities. The PHOENIX service digitises the pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain, translating myriad in-house data formats used by the many companies within the community and transmitting trading data via the OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service. Read »


Stylemark, an industry leader in the sunglass market, is the fusion of four distinctly different and independent companies. When the company migrated to SAP across the entire organisation, OpenText Professional Services provided the skills and experience needed to quickly and effectively integrate TrustedLink® and SAP. Read »

Tandy Brands Accessories

Tandy Brands Accessories, Inc. makes and markets fashion accessories for men, women and children. Tandy Brands had been successfully using the TrustedLink® iSeries solution for more than five years to trade EDI with over 80 retailers. But when Wal-Mart mandated that it use the Internet and AS2 standard to do business, it quickly needed new technology. The BizManager™ BizLink™ was the perfect choice to integrate with the current system and satisfy Wal-Mart’s requirements. Read »

Unilever Brazil

Unilever is a British-Dutch multinational corporation that owns many of the world’s consumer product brands in foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Brazil is Unilever’s second largest operation internationally and its products reach around 86% of Brazilian homes on a monthly basis. Read »

Food and Beverage

Bernard Matthews

Bernard Matthews is a privately owned food processing business, and the UK’s leading producer and brand for fresh, chilled and frozen turkey products. The company uses OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service to exchange business documents electronically through various standards and communication protocols, such as XML, EDI and other industry-specific standards Read »

Dairy Crest

Dairy Crest, the UK’s leading chilled dairy foods company, decided to move from an in-house B2B electronic trading model to one based on outsourced managed services. They moved to OpenText Managed Services to manage their B2B programme complexities, such as connecting new trading partners, changing map requirements, and to reduce on-going hardware and software maintenance costs. Read »

Daniels Group

Daniels Group mission is to make chilled, fresh, natural foods without compromising taste. Its brands include New Covent Garden Food Company, Johnsons Juice products and Farmhouse Fare. Daniels Group needed to do electronic trading with its major customers but does not have an in-house dedicated EDI team. The company relies on OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service to manage the variety of different EDI and AS2 formats and to provide a seamless interface to the company’s ERP. Read »

Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolatier was faced with the daunting task of divesting from Campbell’s Soup Company and needed to move from their B2B platform as quickly as possible to avoid expensive chargebacks and financial penalties. With a growth strategy in place to expand into new global markets and channels along with new, innovative product introductions, they turned to OpenText Managed Services to serve its diverse supply chain community. Learn how they doubled the number of trading partners in their retail channel using OpenText GXS solutions. Read »

Video Case Study: Macleans Highland Bakery

Supported by OpenText GXS, Macleans Highland Bakery, a small Scottish family bakery now trades electronically with one of the world’s largest retailers and is seeing its business grow as a direct result. Watch the video to learn more. View »

Mitchells & Butlers

Mitchells & Butlers, one of the largest restaurant and pub businesses in the UK, wanted to develop greater transparency and better forecasting with their suppliers, to help them respond quickly to market trends and shorten supply chains. OpenText GXS has enabled Mitchells & Butler to create a GS1-compliant recipient data pool, with a single view of accurate product information, that can be quickly and easily added to by suppliers and fed to all relevant business systems. Read »

Organic Farm Foods

Organic Farm Foods is the UK’s largest importer and distributor of organic fresh fruit, salad and vegetables, selling 9,000 tons of produce each year. Organic Farm Foods opted to digitise the exchange of supermarket sales orders, projections, invoices and depot entry codes with EDI software from OpenText GXS. Read »


Poupart, a fast-growing UK based fruit wholesaler, wanted a scalable B2B solution that would allow the company to grow steadily, enable them to expand their trading partner base whilst cutting any unnecessary costs from their supply chain. With OpenText Trading Grid®, Poupart is able to sustain a business model that depends on sourcing from distant geographies while maintaining the ability to react swiftly to local market demand. Read »

Teatimes Trading

Teatimes Trading is a small UK-based grower and producer of specialist teas. When Teatimes Trading upgraded to Sage 200 it took the opportunity to upgrade its EDI software to OpenText Freeway Professional, helping to improve the quality of the company’s invoicing process. Read »

Two Fingers Brewing Company

So, you come up with a great idea and you talk to the UK’s leading retailer, Tesco, about it. They love the idea, and immediately place two large orders. Now what? Two Fingers Brewing Company turned to OpenText GXS to help them take a crash course in electronic commerce. Read »


Financial Services


JCB is an international leader in the card industry and the only credit card brand that originated in Japan. As JCB expands its international reach and their B2B networks grow, OpenText Managed Services meets their data exchange and integration services with a scalable, secure and global B2B infrastructure. Read »

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

RBC has grown to become the premier bank and largest financial institution in Canada. They needed real-time visibility of their transactions to free up time and reduce costs. OpenText Managed Services provides a secure, seamless and expertly-run e-commerce environment. Read »

Shinhan Bank

Shinhan Financial Group Co. Ltd. is Korea’s first financial holding company that delivers comprehensive financial solutions through a powerful One-Portal network. OpenText Managed Services enables Shinhan Bank to introduce new services, such as global cash management and supply chain finance, to their customers. Read »

High-Tech & Manufacturing


Alstom provides approximately twenty five percent of the world’s power production capacity and wanted to automate their procure-to-pay process with their small and medium-size suppliers, as well as comply fast with customer requests to do EDI. They selected OpenText Managed Services and OpenText Active Orders and saw a 98% transaction success over just six months. Read »


ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel company wanted to migrate from a plethora of point-to-point connections with individual trading partners to one single, seamless B2B network solution. ArcelorMittal decided to outsource the management of their EDI network to OpenText GXS. Outsourcing their patchwork of different, fragmented B2B trading networks via OpenText Managed Services has removed the need to maintain in-house B2B technology expertise, and provided efficiency improvements that make core business processes smoother and more reliable. Read »

Video Case Study: ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company. OpenText GXS is helping them to rationalise their EDI architecture, providing a global B2B integration solution with customers across the group. View »


Bsteel is the IT business unit of Shanghai-based Baosteel Group, the largest iron and steel producer in China. They deploy and manage Baosteel’s global B2B e-commerce strategies. OpenText GXS solutions provide Bsteel with a unified platform for integrating Baosteel’s internal business units, customers and suppliers around the world to support data gathering, translation and integration for their forecast-to-payment supply chain needs. Read »


CNH Global N.V. is a world leader in the agricultural and construction equipment businesses. The company has a very complex B2B network with approximately 11,300 dealers in 170 countries, more than 300 transportation carriers, worldwide suppliers and 40 manufacturing facilities located throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia. With OpenText GXS, CNH has expanded its B2B capabilities on a global scale and gained real-time communications and monitoring capabilities. Within a two year timeframe, OpenText GXS enabled CNH to go from managing 50,000 document transactions per month to over 500,000 per month. Read »

Deluxe Media Services

Deluxe Media Services supplies big names in entertainment such as Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers, with solutions for the manufacturing and distribution of packaged media. Its use of multiple EDI providers and older EDI network technology made supply chain communication time-consuming and difficult to manage. Deluxe consolidated all of its EDI traffic to OpenText GXS. This enabled Deluxe to dramatically improve supply chain productivity and reduce costs across their European trading community. Read »


Esprinet is one of the largest distributors of technology products in Europe. With business growing and new brands being added to their portfolio, Esprinet needed to extend its EDI capabilities in order to accommodate the business requirements of its strategic suppliers. Esprinet selected OpenText Managed Services to provide the range of B2B integration services it required, easing the burden on internal resources and increasing its business agility. Read »


Established over 15 years ago, Duradiamond was initially set up by John Clark Senior and John Clark Junior to service the engineering sector with diamond tools. OpenText GXS supports Duradiamond in exchanging business documents via the Internet and EDI. Read »


Part of the Metsäliitto Group comprising approximately 130,000 private Finnish land owners, Finnforest is a leading supplier of eco-efficient wood based products, systems and solutions. Finnforest has adopted OpenText Trading Grid® as its standard platform for exchanging electronic orders, invoices, delivery notes, ASNs and credit notes with suppliers and customers. Read »

HCT Group

Choosing the most appropriate EDI solution was only part of the business challenge that faced the HCT group. The company was seeing impressive business growth across Europe, especially in France and Spain, and needed to quickly and effectively on-board those European customers to be able to receive orders from them. Read »

Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies, a leading semiconductor supplier to the automotive industry, needed a B2B infrastructure to enable logistics and order management. With OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service Infineon Technologies now operates a stable and secure customer-facing supply chain supported by the continuous flow of sales, shipment and payment information within and between organisations. Read »


NXP Semiconductors is a leading High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions company. The company wanted to automate the entire spectrum of business processes from pre-ordering and ordering all the way through to distribution and billing but was faced with a vast array of different standards, protocols and document types. NXP selected OpenText GXS because the OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service (TGMS) delivered the best global connectivity fit for NXP’s business needs. Read »

ON Semiconductor

Multiple customers using multiple systems across multiple industries were turning ON Semiconductor off. As a preferred supplier of power solutions, it needed a complete solution to work with different environments, including EDI and Rosetta Net. ON Semiconductor employed OpenText Managed Services to develop a state-of-the art network to seamlessly exchange data between the company and all of their business partners’ various technologies. Read »

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press (OUP) is one of the largest publishers in the UK. Its customers include major retailers like WHSmith and Amazon as well as wholesalers like Bertram Books and Gardners Books. Already a long-time TrustedLink® user, OUP turned to OpenText GXS when it was time to improve the speed and reliability of its communications networks. Read »


Based in Munich, Germany, Osram GmbH is one of the top two automotive lighting manufacturers in the world and with OpenText Trading Grid®, Osram offers a B2B integration capability with all of their trading partners. Read »

Rashmian Ltd

Rashmian is a leading UK distributor of branded consumer electronic products. As Rashmian’s business grew, the company received more orders from across Europe and beyond, so decided they needed to automate more of their business processes with a comprehensive B2B software solution providing back-office integration. Rashmian selected OpenText Freeway Professional to exchange orders, ASNs and invoices. Read »

Roth Audio

Roth Audio is a leading designer and manufacturer of stylish audio products for the home market. Based in the UK, they have gained a reputation for innovation and quality at a price point that makes high end audio performance available to the ordinary person. The company recognised that trading electronically with key customers would increase business efficiency, minimising the amount of manual processing of orders and invoices. They chose OpenText Freeway Entry, a standalone EDI software solution specifically designed for smaller companies, which required no technical knowledge or EDI experience. Read »

Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs, a market-leading pioneer of small appliance brands, needed a B2B electronic commerce capability to cater to the varying demands and geographic locations of its retailers, with a key requirement of scalability and the ability to manage large volumes of product orders across many different lines. With OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service (TGMS) Russell Hobbs can send and receive information in any format and via any method preferred by its customers without creating a technology challenge or costly support burden for the business. Read »


Solus is a lighting pioneer and the pre-eminent lighting company in Ireland. In order to meet the challenge of its next day delivery promise, Solus required a B2B solution enabling orders to be received and processed efficiently and error-free, before being integrated into their back-end systems. Solus selected OpenText Freeway Professional, an integrated EDI/B2B software solution, that has enabled the company to accelerate the process from initial order to final delivery, while eliminating manual and paper-based processes from its warehouse and sales operations. Read »

Video Case Study: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics is a global leader in semiconductor solutions, with a strong culture of partnership that has created a worldwide network of strategic alliances with customers, suppliers and research institutes. OpenText GXS is helping ST Microelectronics to evolve its B2B capabilities, meeting the needs of a growing business, while retaining the flexibility and agility to respond rapidly to changing customer needs. View »


Technicolor is an industry-leading provider of technologies for visual effects, animations and post production services to the cinema, television and advertising industries. Following its historical development through mergers and acquisitions, Technicolor decided to consolidate its existing EDI networks into one, selecting OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service (TGMS) to provide the company with one solution, enabling the organisation to reach customers and suppliers worldwide. Read »

Thomson Consumer Electronics

Thomson Consumer Electronics is the Americas’ subsidiary of Thomson Multimedia, the world’s fourth largest consumer electronics company, with 38 facilities worldwide and annual sales of more than £5 billion. Thomson is outsourcing its electronic data interchange (EDI) and an extranet site to OpenText GXS in an effort expected to save £3 million. Read »


Video Case Study: Boscov

Boscov’s now is America’s largest family-owned Department Store, with 43 locations across six states and a growing eCommerce business serving customers across the United States. OpenText B2B Integration helps Boscov’s improve the reach, reliability, and efficiency of its B2B processes by monitoring, streamlining, and providing a single source of information across the supply chain.


DSG international plc (DSGi), one of Europe’s leading electronic retailers, wanted to streamline communications with hundreds of suppliers in order to keep up with customer demand. They turned to OpenText GXS to help improve communications, speed processes and increase efficiency in their dealings with suppliers. Read »

Video Case Study: Harper Collins

Harper Collins, one of the world’s leading English-language publishers, has consolidated their different B2B e-commerce platforms to a single hosted B2B integration solution with OpenText GXS. Harper Collins now has a flexible, easy-to-use cloud solution, enabling the company to rapidly set up new trading partners in their fast moving, global marketplace. View »

Video Case Study: Marks and Spencer

Leading retailer Marks and Spencer has achieved 100% success in their electronic invoicing programme with 2,000 small and mid-size suppliers enabled in just a year. View »


Ocado is an online grocery service and decided from day one to to outsource all of its B2B e-commerce needs to OpenText GXS. OpenText Managed Services is a powerful B2B outsourcing suite of services that allows Ocado to scale quickly and gain significant competitive advantage. Read »

Siren Furniture

Siren Furniture, a specialised furniture wholesaler, wanted to manage its supply chain more efficiently. With GXS desktop software connecting Siren Furniture to the OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service (TGMS) they can receive orders electronically from major customers, process them quickly and send invoices in an efficient and timely manner. Read »

Supply Direct

Supply Direct, a contract caterer, supplies the NHS and schools with a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ solution to complex and demanding catering requirements. With B2B software from OpenText GXS, Supply Direct has a flexible and easy-to-use solution to accomplish any-to-any data transformation and rapidly set up trading and other business partners. Read »

Video Case Study: Supply Direct

Find out how Supply Direct improved their complex B2B e-commerce environment to better support their customers, in this short video extract. View »


Tesco, the U.K.’s largest retailer and sixth largest retailer worldwide, sends and receives more than 1,000,000 documents per month, 42,000 of which were processed on paper. They wanted to further automate and reduce the number of paper-based documents they needed to handle and selected OpenText Trading Grid® automation and community enablement services, to do so. Read »

The Co-operative

The Co-operative, the UK’s fifth largest retailer, needed a flexible and scalable trading network that could adapt to a changing business environment, following the acquisition of a rival supermarket chain. With OpenText Trading Grid® The Co-operative is able to maintain a supply chain supported by an uninterrupted, continuous flow of sales, shipment and payment information. The Co-operative can send and receive information in any format and via any method preferred by their trading partners, without technology challenges or a costly support burden for the business. Read »


WHSmith is one of the UK’s largest retailers, and a long-term user of EDI translation and transmission solutions from OpenText GXS to help to deliver their e-business strategy. WHSmith decided to consolidate their B2B e-commerce activities and outsource them with OpenText Managed Services. Read »

Winning Moves

Winning Moves is a successful multi million pound games company and is in the Top 5 UK games Manufacturers, delivering classic card, board and party games. Winning Moves faced the challenge of working with an increasing number of customer portals and chose OpenText Freeway Entry to enable them to consolidate all of their EDI information onto a single platform to be able to meet different industry standards required of their customers. Read »

Trade & Transportation


FedEx Corp., a global transportation provider, wanted to provide a single gateway to support all of their e-commerce transactions. They implemented a customised OpenText GXS solution to enable data exchange between computers on any platform, at any time and using any communication protocol. Read »

Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation, a US nationwide carrier, knows that minutes matter. Delays impact their reputation and for a company that depends on EDI to run their business, a reliable service is important. Read »

Royal Mail

Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide and the Post Office branches use OpenText GXS to share product catalogues, customer details, invoices and parcel tracking data between their internal systems and external trading partners. EDI and XML transactions are exchanged with over 1000 trading partners and the Royal Mail’s SAP and Siebel systems. Read »


Schenker A/S is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics services. The company has worked with OpenText GXS for over a decade, continually developing and improving their service to customers and trading partners. To address new challenges when they arise, OpenText GXS helps them to deliver new capabilities to market within short turnaround periods, which is of crucial importance to Schenker’s new business development plans. Read »

TMF Operating

TMF Operating is a division of Brambles Industries, the £3 billion group that also owns CHEP, the leading provider of pallet and container leasing; Recall, the records management services and Cleanaway, the waste management services company. TMF Operating selected OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service to reap the benefits of EDI across the business. Read »

Yantian International Container Terminals

In the port facilities industry, a communications error can cause a shipment to travel around the globe to the wrong destination. Yantian International Container Terminals (YICT) needed a comprehensive transaction exchange platform for its China-based port facilities. OpenText GXS helped YICT meet its shipping communication needs with BizManager™ BizLink™. The solution is a simple “point-and-click” system used across a complex community of business partners. Read »

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